Wildcraft Forest School Extension works with leading edge thinkers and the scientific community to deliver research based on what wildcrafters are discovering in wild habitat. We also deliver research that explores new foods, medicines, craft and restoration methods which we then incubate into micro-enterprises. Here is a sampler of some of the research that we perform.
Wild Yeasts and Microbe Gathering
We operate a number of wild microbe camps where we gather microbes such as yeasts and pollens in wild habitat. We then explore propagation methods which allows us to learne wether certain wild microbes could be used in fermentation and medicine.

Oak Moss Propagation
We have created a method by which Oak Moss lichen can be propagated and supported in its wild habitat. Oak Moss is a primary ingredient within perfumes and demand for the lichen is placing biodiversity at risk in some areas around the world – so it’s important that Oak Moss be propagated we continue to explore methods by which we can grow Oak Moss.

Meadowland Restoration
We are creating new models that will restore cattle pasture areas and turn them into natural meadowlands capable of supporting more pollinators and returning biodiversity. Our regenerative models also provide opportunities for cattle producers to transition to wild flower crops that are in demand as natural ingredients in food, medicines, nutriceuticals and cosmetics.

Sequoia Research and Propagation
We study climate change, and we are aware that ecosystems may want to move as climate shifts. We are researching and testing Sequoia trees as a species that may transition into new environments.

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“I have been a friend of the Wildcraft Forest for a couple of years now, after enrolling in the Wildcrafting Basics program in May 2014. Don brings so much necessary knowledge and love to anyone who steps on his land and taught us a great deal about the magic in wildcrafting, the story of terroir, the importance of becoming a steward of the land, and important environmental details about the land and the Earth. He's a beautiful storyteller and has a great message to share with all. We need to understand what is happening to our land and the land around us and how we can protect it and ourselves. Don imparts that knowledge with a humble voice. He truly is the voice of the forest and therefore essential to all of our lives. 

Tamara M.
NGO Administrator – Kelowna, BC